10 Best Desk Lamps 2021 – Do Not Buy Before Reading This!

Best Desk Lamps
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Best Desk Lamps 2021 – Below is the new blog in which you will get all the details regarding the best desk lamps that you must necessarily consider while buying.

Best Desk Lamps

Best Desk Lamps 2021

After consulting lighting and optometry experts, and spending 32 hours researching more than 40 desk lamps and testing 15,  TaoTronics LED Eye-caring Table Lamp is choosen the best lamp for most tasks which require focused light.

It has the most color temperatures, brightness levels, and adjustability for customizing your lighting, and its light panel has the least glare.

Things to consider before buying a desk lamp:

Adjustable brightness of at least 400 lumens:

A 40-watt incandescent bulb puts out roughly 450 lumens; an equivalent-brightness LED bulb consumes 6 to 9, LED brightness is measured in lumens, a unit that describes visible brightness.

Those that lamps with about 400 lumens are plenty bright for reading and working. Older people, whose eyes need more light, or people working with fine details, might need as many as 800 lumens, but we focused on general-use lamps.

A wide range of color temperatures:

The best LED lamps offer a range of colors that you can change based on your activity. 2,800 K and 4,000 K is recommended range of light by designers.

the LED lamps we looked at have color temperatures ranging from 2,000 K to 7,000 K. For reference, incandescent bulbs are warmer, with a range of 2,200 K to 3,000 K.

color rendering index (CRI) higher than 80:

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CRI is a rating scale (from 10 to 100) used to gauge how well a light source represents the true colors of an object compared with daylight.

LEDs usually have a CRI of around 80; incandescent and halogens have ratings closer to 100, the same CRI as daylight.

Glare reduction:

a person shouldn’t be able to see the diodes on the LED lamp. which further causes glare, that is uncomfortable as well as distracting , and it also can cause eye strain. so, always try to look for lamps having a shade or hood which completely covers the bulb and a diffusion panel covering the light source to soften the bright points of light.

No flickering:

LED lamps should not flicker at the time it they turn on. In addition to testing, must considered complaints of flicker in customer reviews during our research.


You should be able to adjust a lamp’s beam of light to focus on the task at hand. LED lamps can have gooseneck, pivoting-bar, or cantilever styles. So, everyone preferred free-standing lamps that one can easily move around on a desk, table, or nightstand.

Long lifespan:

An LED bulb has an average lifespan of 25,000 to 50,000 hours,1 compared with 1,000 hours for an incandescent bulb. All of the lamps we considered for this guide claim a minimum LED lifespan of 25,000 hours.


Some of the LED lamps we tested also offer USB charging ports, usually built into the lamp’s base, for phones and other mobile devices. These are nice to have but not necessary.

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We will keep updating our content with different products and terms. So enjoy our post is created for you guys.

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